Orr Architectural Consulting, Inc.

Specialized in Health Facility Space Programming and Master Planning


Firm Overview

Orr Architectural Consulting, Inc. is a woman-owned small business (certified WBE in Missouri) that specializes in the pre-design programming and planning phases of facility projects at both the master plan and project levels of development. Our goal is to help answer questions of “what, when, where...and if” to build, remodel or consolidate facilities. Answering these questions in ways that increase efficiency and effectiveness, while enhancing comfort and convenience for all users, is critical for the marketplace of tomorrow.

The president of the firm, Corlett M. Orr, AIA, ACHA is a board certified health care architect with over thirty-four years of experience leading teams in facilities programming and planning. She has worked as both an in-house medical center architect and as a consultant to create processes and products that communicate the key facility issues and enable decision-making.

Corlett’s projects have ranged from detailed departmental program analyses to multi-campus master plans; her clients have included academic medical centers, community hospitals and government agencies. This breadth and depth of experience provides a comprehensive understanding of planning issues facing the health care industry.

The firm’s philosophy is to fully define the problem before creating the solution. Sometimes a problem is an operational one which can’t be solved by a construction project. Renovation and expansion are often needed, but they ought not be the only solutions sought. Other avenues to be explored should include process improvement, operational enhancement and technology application.

Resources are finite in all businesses and unnecessary waste is not acceptable. Our primary objective is to help health care providers and their architects find the best short and long term uses of resources to enhance the quality of the built environment for all users.

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