Orr Architectural Consulting, Inc.

Specialized in Health Facility Space Programming and Master Planning

We define facility programming as determining what needs to be done and planning as finding the best way to do it. Our services are designed to accomplish these tasks. Specific services we can provide during the programming and planning phases include:

  • Process organization and management
  • Existing facility assessment
  • Code compliance evaluation
  • Functional and operational analyses
  • Space requirement determination
  • Preliminary equipment planning
  • Development option investigation
  • Implementation phasing planning
  • Conceptual cost modeling

How these services are packaged depends upon the scale of issues to be addressed and the specific project or team requirements.

The same basic processes apply at all levels of facility development, from the renovation of a single department to assessing the needs of a consolidated, multi-campus system. For example, our charge might be one of the following:

Determine the feasibility of starting a new specialty service, the appropriate space and staffing and the best location for it in the existing facility.

Evaluate the hospital space needs and develop a plan to realign space allocations to support convenient and efficient outpatient services.

Examine the resources at all of the system campuses and determine the consolidation strategies that minimize capital and operational costs.

No two projects or clients are identical and the amount and mix of work needed varies. We tailor our process and approach to match the scale of issues to be addressed and to build on the strengths of the entire project team. For a specific project, we assemble a team of experienced planning, design and engineering professionals. We accomplish this by drawing from our network of consultants and from the expertise within the health care organization itself.